Our Process

We started out in tech and have utilized this knowledge and applied it to the way people experience fashion. Through running a personalized styling rental subscription service, we have built a strong feedback loop, which has allowed us to collect a large amount of fashion data.

So, what can we use all this data for? In addition to the amazing feedback data we get from our members, we also receive a great deal of upfront data on both our clothing and our members. Our buyers and designers capture dimensions, style details, and our members fill out a profile upon signup that’s calibrated to get us the most useful data with the least user effort.

What does this all mean, when applied to a premium apparel brand? It means that we are sourcing and designing pieces that are made to last a grueling fashion cycle in the fashion rental space. Each piece is designed to be durable, feel great when it is worn, and look amazing on you. 

Fashionably yours, 

Well + Last Team